Friday, August 21, 2015

Re-imagine the "Book Report"

The Book Report with a Difference

The book report was called Book in a....(something).  Students had to bring their report in a container that reflected something about their book. Then they had to find 10-20 vocabulary words that they thought were challenging to test the class on in their presentation.  As well they had to find 10 items that could go in their container that also related to the book that they could talk about.  Lastly,​​ they had to come up with some questions for the audience that would allow them to link real life experience with situations or events that happened in the book. 

Great job Maia! Your container was amazing and your report on Awful Auntie written by David Walliams was presented well!


Mrs. Marston said...

Way to go Maia, I was very proud of the effort you put into this report. You are amazing!

Jordan-rose said...

maia i really liked your book in a owl.

Ruthie said...

Great Effort Maia . Way to go