Monday, August 24, 2015

Commenting on a blog...

The children in Room 7 were charged with the task of creating a video to teach people how to comment on a blog. Enda and Luc have done a great job of this video and I know you will all enjoy it as well as learn how to comment.

Take the time to go through the student individual blogs and make a comment - the students would love to have some feedback!


Jenny Jackson said...

This is a very entertaining and informative video boys, well done. I loved the use of music and humour. Just be sure that we can hear you clearly all the way through. I will share this with our students and whanau at St Joseph's in Oamaru.

Liz Hooker said...

Great work boys. I think you could have a job in advertising.
I spoke to a parent last week who had tried writing a comment but it would not post. Maybe you could make a sequel to this post. Keep up the great work.