Monday, July 20, 2015

Choose Kind

Values Assembly - Choose Kind!

We welcomed the new term with a Values Assembly today based on the theme of Choose Kind. This year's theme was inspired by the book Wonder by R.J. Palacio.

All 292 of our students made their way to the hall and were reminded of our theme for the year - Choose Kind - they also watched this clip of the good samaritan so that they could make links - how the Choose Kind theme is presented in stories throughout the bible and How Jesus modelled this for us in his every day life.

All the children split into groups and worked together to come up with what choosing kind looks like at home and at school and as you can see from the photos they had some fabulous ideas. It would be great if you could encourage them to talk about these ideas and encourage them to carry some of them out!

We as teachers discussed later in the day how well the children all worked, what fabulous ideas they had and what a privilege it is to be able to work with your children at Our Lady of the Assumption School. They are fantastic! At the end of the assembly all classes went back to their classrooms and discussed this further and signed a Pledge to Choose Kind - your children should be able to discuss this with you.

Check out our facebook page for more photos of this assembly.

It is really great to be back and to be able to welcome the term in such a positive fashion!

Jo Earl


Leanne Brooks said...

I love the idea of the children signing the pledge to choose kind. Well done all of you very proud to be part of the OLA school community.

Anonymous said...

Great making it real for them too - with them discussing how do I put this into practice elsewhere - this would help everyone, (little people to big) understand - well done guys.