Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Learn, Create, Share

Digital Learning examples...

Some of the students in Year 7/8 have been working on statistical investigations. Once they have collected all the data and analysed it they then had a choice about how they would present their new learning.

The children chose investigations that were of interest to them. In this example Lucy and Julia did a statistical investigation in an area of high interest for them - Athletics! They would be excited to get some feedback.


Here is another example - Ben has published his poem using Google drawings.


Alana Uru said...

Powerful poem Ben, would love to see a follow up of what you invisage the " new " Christchurch to be like, say in 2020?

Alana Uru said...

Julia and Lucy found your presentation easy to read great choices for fonts colour etc and fantastic you can put the data you collated to good use ☺