Tuesday, April 7, 2015

What do you think?

The first term has flown by - we have had 9 weeks of working in this new environment using chromebooks as one of the tools to develop elearning in our school. Just prior to the end of term we used the opportunity to stop and reflect - take stock - get some feedback and reflect so that we could work on improving systems for our teachers and students and enhance educational outcomes.

Teachers met and discussed the highlights of the term and also the challenges that we faced when trying to integrate elearning and deliver the curriculum using the chromebook as as one of the tools.

We gathered student voice by an anonymous survey delivered through use of a google form. We gave the students the chance to comment on:

What do you love about learning this year?
What do you enjoy when using your chromebook?
What do you find challenging when using your chromebook?
How has having your own chromebook changed the way you do home learning?
How has the use of google docs changed the way you learn to write?
Who gives you feedback on your writing?
How do use the feedback that you get in writing?
If you had any advice for your teacher, what would it be?
What would you like to see your device being used for during Mathematics?

We received 88 responses out of 116 students - this 76% response rate gave  us a wealth of information to collate and share.

What have you loved about learning this term?
This first image summarises the responses from students and teachers in regard to what have you loved about learning and what have been the highlights this term.

It's time for you get involved! It would be great to hear from some of you as to how you are finding this experience. Double click on the space below tell us what you think! We will feedback more of the information from the survey over the next few weeks.

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