Friday, April 24, 2015

Ipads in the Rutherford and Sheppard Teams - Learn, Create, Share

Yesterday a group of our teachers were joined by a few teachers from St Paul's school to participate in a workshop learning about how ipads can be used in the classroom to enhance learning.

The workshop was run by Anne, Rowan, Nina and Jess from Core Education. New apps were introduced and teachers were given time to explore how they could be used in the classroom to engage the students and enhance the learning that is taking place.

We talked a lot about the children learning, creating and then sharing; we are aiming to share more of their learning on the classroom blogs.

The best part of the afternoon is when we were joined by a group of OLA students. The students helped us explore the apps even more and will now be able to help us teach the other students in their classes.

Each week we are going to try to get a student from a different area of the school to do a guest post on this blog documenting the learning that is taking place. Watch this space next week!

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annekenn said...

WOW, what a pleasure and a privilege it was to be part of our session yesterday. I was in awe of the enthusiasm and willingness of the teachers to experiment with the new apps and see the potential of creation. How exciting it was to have the children in the room working with the teachers. I would really love to see how the teachers and children experiment over the next few weeks. Could you please ask them to share with us? I wonder how you will keep this learning buzz going. I love the idea of quest posting or show casing a learner on the school blog each week! I also look forward to seeing blogging directly from the iPads.
Thanks for a fabulous session.
Anne K