Friday, March 6, 2015

Benefits you could never imagine...

We were very confident that the rollout of chromebooks and the implementation of digital learning was definitely the way to move forward as we knew there would be many benefits for our students.

We thought that:

- student engagement would be very high
- students would have access to learning 24/7 and that they would make use of this
- self regulation - students would be able to better pace their learning
- sharing of work - students can more easily share their work with their peers and get feedback
- teachers would be able to give formative feedback to students more easily and more often

While we haven't yet collected any hard data - we can see already that all of the above is happening and we are thrilled with all of this. 

We didn't imagine that:

- student voice would be so loud and clear in support of this initiative
- students would use the opportunity to share thoughts that they may never have shared in the classroom (in front of others) with teachers (and Principal!) - It has given some of the more reticent students another way to make contact and share their thinking
- students are making decisions about who they want to receive feedback from sharing their work
- the very small amount of time that it took for them to be comfortable in this environment - they are like sponges and they just want more and more
- the more control they seem to get over their learning - the deeper the thinking and the more they want to share

If anyone was sitting on the fence at the beginning of this project as to its worth - you shouldn't be now. The students of today are so ready for this type of learning.

Parents, we would welcome your comments on your observations so far.

Vicki and Jo

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